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It is natural to wonder how other people manage to keep their carpets clean and in perfect condition. Discover their secrets on this page. Here you will find a variety of important tips in the field of carpet cleaning. Each one of them is unique, simple to understand and easy to apply.

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Carpet maintenance made easy. Useful tips in cleaning your carpets regularly. Is steam cleaning appropriate for your carpets? Learn how to deal with discolorations and how to avoid problems.

Understand the drawbacks of steam cleaning

Getting rid of dirt on your carpet with a steam cleaning product is undoubtedly a popular method for carpet care. However, you must understand that even this method will have its drawbacks. For instance, your carpet can take a whole day to dry completely. Carpet Cleaning Burbank advises all those planning to use a steam cleaner to understand the drawbacks of steam cleaning first.

Dealing with altered carpet colors

A great number of cleaning solutions, both homemade and commercial, are great at removing carpet stains. However, misusing some of these solutions can suddenly change the color of your carpet. If this happens, it is sadly irreversible, but you can still attempt to salvage it by touching up the spot with some acrylic paint to blend the color of the spot along with the fibers.

Testing before using

This is a very important reminder every household that has a carpet should be aware of. Before trying any carpet cleaning product or method, our experts are reminding homeowners to observe the results of such products or methods on a small portion of the carpet first.

Dealing with carpet allergens

Dog owners will already know that carpets are often storage points for many allergens including dust. That is why our carpet cleaning company in Burbank recommends regular cleaning. You need experts from our team to tell you about the most effective ways of controlling these allergens. For example we can give you the best products.

Change the vacuum bag before it gets full

This is an important rule for carpet and upholstery cleaning. It is best to attach a new bag as soon as the current one is over half full. Don’t wait for the indicator to start blinking. Changing the bag more frequently will give you better cleaning results.

Carpet Cleaning Burbank

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