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Removing Carpet Stains

10/22/2013 Back To Blog

Whoops! That one word can follow any mess

Few messes are as frustrating as the ones that get into your carpeting, but that shouldn't be the case. There are many basic home stain removal options you can use to quickly solve the messes caused by pets, food, and coffee or chocolate. Pet ownership is a wonderful task. Our four legged friends bring joy into our lives every day, but sometimes they leave gifts on our carpet that we would rather not see. If your precious pup has peed or left feces on your carpet, you will want to clean that up as soon as you can.Removing Carpet Stains

There are many store-bought pet stain and odor removal products you can choose from, but if they are unavailable, you can create your own. For pet poop, mix ¼ solution white vinegar or non-bleach detergent in thirty-two ounces of water and and apply over the carpeting until clean, then rinse and dry. For pet urine, soak as much as you can into paper towels, then blot with a wet cloth. Next, apply that same water-vinegar solution and follow the steps outlined above.

Most food stains are also water soluble, as well as stains caused by alcohol, paint, and non-waterproof inks. Any water soluble stain can be cleaned using the ¼ solution of vinegar and water. Clean them quickly before the stain has a chance to soak into the carpet.

For stains caused by coffee, chocolate, vomit, or blood, you need more specialized stain removal. For these, you need to consider which type of carpeting you have because some are more sensitive to cleaning solutions than others. One method is to blend one teaspoon of ammonia into one cup of water, unless you have a wool-based carpet, because then you have to substitute detergent for the ammonia. You can also try 1:5 ratio of chlorine bleach to water, but only on carpets that can safely tolerate bleach. Again, it is best to clean the stain as soon as possible.  

Carpet stain removal does not need to be difficult. If you do not wish to create your own carpet stain solution, you can easily purchase a variety of stain removal products in your local retails for less than ten dollars. If you do not have the right product available, you can easily create your own with a little foreknowledge.

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