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House Cleaning Services

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Near Burbank? Need your residence cleaned by professionals? Our sanitation experts can remove stains, scrub tiles, remediate mold, and a whole lot more!

House Cleaning Services

Local Cleaning Services In Burbank CA

Whether its dirt on carpets you want to remove or entire rooms you need to decontaminate, we can help! The professional Burbank house cleaning services we offer help customers completely get rid of contaminants and dirt and get their homes smelling fresh and sanitized again. In a world where we all better understand the importance of home sanitation, expert house cleaning services can bring you peace of mind. We remove carpet stains and mold, scrub tiles and grouts and even steam clean upholsteries, sofas, and other furniture. Any room cleaning service you need, our experts can provide!

Furniture Cleaning and Decontamination

Living room couches and sofas can become hotbeds of contamination when neglected. Certain types of food stains can lead to bacteria occupying those spots. Not to mention, they can attract mice and rats, who are walking, squeaking hotbeds for viruses and disease. Pet stains left on couches or sofas should get treated right away. The faster you work on a stain, the easier the removal process. Our furniture cleaning services include using steam cleaners and various stain dissolution and removal methods. We decontaminate the couch’s affected areas and make sure it not only smells fresh but that you can practically eat of it afterwards. For quick furniture cleaning services around Burbank, turn to us and get a great deal.

Cleaning Burbank Upholstery

Various cushions and pillows for couches and sofas, or bed covers and curtains, all need cleaning as well. Dust accumulates very quickly, but so can dirt and various spore-producing fungi like mold. Not only do these things prove unsightly and unaesthetic, but they also create a potentially contaminated area. For good home sanitation, cleaning dirty upholstery right away is the way to go. But even if you didn’t notice stains until later, don’t worry. We offer Burbank and nearby areas effective upholstery cleaning services that remove stains and dirt without damaging the pillows or cushions themselves. Our methods utilize compounds that are non-harmful but manage to dissolve dry dirt and allow us to get rid of it.

Rug and Carpet Stain Removal

Speaking of getting rid of smears and stains on furniture, carpets can also suffer from dropped food and residues of dirt. You walk on them every day, and if you don’t remove your shoes, you’re bound to track some form of dirt inside. That gets tangled in the carpet fiber, sometimes even resulting in carpet mold. Removal is something we specialize in, whether for fungus or dried dirt on rugs and carpets. We use non-harmful cleaning solutions to dissolve carpet stains and scrub them off or rinse them out, depending on the material. Burbank area residents who need expert rug or carpet stain removal find that we deliver the best bang-for-your-buck around. We’ve developed eco-friendly ways to get rid of stains on floor coverings without damaging the rug/carpet itself.

Professional Cleaning For Burbank Houses

No need to neglect your residence! If you don’t have time to clean your house yourself, or you want a professional to go over it to decontaminate and sanitize furniture, carpets, and whole rooms for you – give us a call. Carpet Cleaning Burbank provides affordable services for cleaning houses, apartments, and other establishments. From mold removal to scrubbing tiles and cleaning air ducts – we do it all, and we do it right! Call to learn more! 


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