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With many years of experience in high quality carpet maintenance and care, we are in the best position to offer the most attractive cleaning services in the neighborhood. We are a familiar sight in the area, serving families with top caliber residential carpet cleaning service to help them enjoy allergen-free, dust mite-free and mold-free surroundings. We can combat all your troubles concerning mold and mildew, bacterial growth, bad odors, and sticky stains. Our cleaning masters are commendable for their skills in applying the most effective solutions using eco-friendly products and techniques. We guarantee customer satisfaction 100% and that is the foundation of our success as the best carpet cleaning contractor in town. Our growing business will take care of your needs, no matter how simple or complicated they may be. The Sofa cleaning Burbank provides complete range of ancillary cleaning services for household such as:

Furniture and Fixture Cleaning

  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Removal of stains
  • Rugs and carpet cleaning
  • Odor and bad smell removal
  • Couch cleaning
  • Microfiber sofa cleaning

Every household has sofa set in their homes, most of the time the sofas holds many germs, ample of dust and other polluting agents within their fibers. By cleaning them on daily basis you think that they are completely clean and apparently they do seem clean too but in reality they are not entirely clean. However vacuuming the sofa on daily basis you can reduce the amount of dirt to a large extent and help in improving the indoor air quality as well. Dirty and stained sofa sets spoil the beauty of your living room and at times you think of to through them out of your home but when you recall the amount of money you had spent on buying these fashionable sofa sets you hold back yourself. Now your problem has been solved by the professional sofa cleaners they do sofa cleaning, couch cleaning and microfiber sofa cleaning at the cost which you can afford.

No matter how much care you do for saving your sofa set from the stains but just like carpets they are vulnerable to stains even if you get successful in saving your sofa from stains buy covering them with 'heavy sheets’  you cannot save them from the usual wear and tear. The sofa cleaning Burbank’s technicians know how to keep your sofa in a good shape so that it looks vibrant and alluring as they were originally at the time of purchase. Cleaning of the fashionable sofas which look good to eyes but when it comes to cleaning them it may be a afterthought specially when you have young kids and a home to take care, now you become care free and leave the sofa cleaning task to the cleaners who will get the dust, stains and filth out of your sofas as they were never there.

Under today’s crucial economic circumvents you can’t afford to replace your sofa and upholstery every year therefore the only way of maintaining them is to avail services of the sofa cleaners which is economical and time saving too. Here it is worth mentioning that the sofa cleaning services must be availed from a reputable cleaning company otherwise the non-professionals will not only reduce the life span of your sofa and upholstery items but also may cause more damage to them.

The Sofa Cleaning Burbank not only provides services at the most economical rate but also use the latest technology equipments for cleaning. Further to keep their services and staff up to date they continually groom and train their technical staff in order to meet the changing needs of the sofa and upholstery cleaning. The other cleaning services offered by them are cleaning of couches, reclining chairs, mattresses, seats, dining chairs etc.

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Mold Inpection & Removal

Mold Inpection & Removal

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Flooring Installation

Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal

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Storm Damage


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