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How to Treat Specific Carpet Stains

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

Carpets have a lot of enemies. They range from wine to fruit. Some of those enemies are easier to remove than others. No matter what type of stain it is, we all at some point in time must be ready and able to tackle those stains ourselves. If you have a family then you will probably become an expert at treating specific stains. No matter what you must be equipped properly because not every stain requires the same type of cleaning solution. All stains are different.How to Treat Specific Carpet Stains

Acid Stains and Catsup Stains

A drain cleaner is considered to be an acid spill. That type of spill requires quick action. It must be diluted immediately with baking soda and water. Club soda can also be used on the spill. Once that is done then a solution of ammonia and water should be applied. When the solution is applied let it dry completely. Once it is completely dried then you can vacuum it gently. A catsup spill seems to be less work. A mixture of a cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water on the spill will be a quick fix. A sponge must be used to remove the catsup from the floor. This can also be used to clean area rugs.

Chocolate and Gravy Stains

These two stains are next to impossible to remove from carpet. It may seem impossible, but in some cases they can be removed. Chocolate has to be immediately scraped in order to produce stain removal. A mixture of mild detergent, warm water, and white vinegar must be applied to the spot. The area must be rinsed well and vacuumed gently. You can also use that same solution when trying to remove a gravy stain from your carpet. Once you apply the cleaning solution to the carpet you let it dry. A dry cleaning fluid is applied then that has to also dry then you vacuum the carpet. If all else fails, steam cleaning is the proper alternative.

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