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About us

About us

People, who often complain about headaches, allergies and bad indoor environments, should search in carpets for the causes

The services of Carpet Cleaning Burbank guarantee effective removal of all stains and bad odors, mold, dust and microorganisms as well as great fire and flood damage restoration. The cleaners of our company are prepared to handle serious damages and can guarantee immediate, excellent services ranging from your carpets and upholstery to sofas and tiles.

We provide professional carpet cleaning, which means complete removal of the most persistent food, pet or liquid stain with the use of great, green and completely harmless products and excellent, modern machinery. Thanks to our methods dirt, mold and bacteria will disappear, the colors will revive and damages will be restored completely. All carpet cleaning services are carried out by experienced, well qualified professionals with respect to your property and your requirements.

Every rug has its own history and value and Persian rugs are definitely a good investment that can be maintained for many generations with the right treatments. We are very experienced with all types of rugs knowing the little secrets to keep them resistant in time, beautiful, soft and perfectly clean. The maintenance and restoration of handmade rugs resembles the restoration of old paintings and, thus, require great patience, appropriate equipment and special attention. All our experts have great experience and are educated and trained for every rug cleaning service.

The excellent technical infrastructure and experienced workforce of our business ensure the best results for all carpets at home and exceptional commercial carpet cleaning, which is important for the good health of employees and customers of all companies. Dirty rugs will only create dirty environments and the worse impressions and you can trust that the crews of our company can take over home and office carpet cleaning, remove the dirt from tiles, grout and upholstery and make sure couches are clean, too. The indoor air must be fresh and healthy and all services of Carpet Cleaning Burbank aim at your excellent working and living conditions. Dial our number now!

Call our company today and get your home back on track. We are expert service providers for residential properties. Our wide experience and knowledge means that we are the ideal solution for people who are looking for quality. The best thing is that we are always available when you need us.

The fact that our team is able to serve the entire California locality means that you no longer have to worry about getting results. We will come out at your convenience and do a thorough assessment. This will help us give you advice on how the cleaning needs to proceed.

Carpet cleaning is more than taking care of carpets. We are able to look after the tiles in your home or business as well as cleaning upholstered furniture. Our client-focused tile cleaning system is unique, combining the standard techniques of today with the speed of tomorrow. Whether your tiles are ceramic or any other type of material, we know how to make them shine. Grout is no problem for us, no matter how much of it has accumulated - we have seen cases far worse than yours. We know how to make your dingy grout as bright as the day it was first laid. Contact us today and see how we can work for you.


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When you hire our professional cleaners - your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our company provides only safe, pet friendly, and highly professional cleaning services and solutions.

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