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Pet Hair Cleaning

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Carpet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet Hair Cleaning in CaliforniaShort of removing all of the carpet that you have in your house, or removing your pet, stains and unwanted hair are to be expected.  Since neither of these actions is feasible, professional stain removal is your best option.  Some hair can always be picked up by hand, and some with your home vacuum.  But your home vacuum is not built to tolerate the level of clogging hair on the average home carpet.  Our professional machines however, are!  Our pet hair cleaning service offers your carpets and rugs of any make, model, and style a deep, penetrating cleaning that whisks away imbedded hair and sucks up the dirt that attached to those hairs.    

Upholstery Cleaning

Your pets' fur, unfortunately, doesn't only stick to carpets.  Your upholstered furniture is also a target.  Because of this, we offer upholstery cleaning that takes into account delicate fabrics and high-end rugs.  We can steam and dry clean upholstery that cannot take the regular harsher cleaning treatments.  Our specialized pet stain and odor removal cleaning machines glide delicately over Persian and silk rugs.  Pet urine removal is also available as a service on these same pieces of furniture.  Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services offer you a pet-friendly and eco-friendly way to freshen your house.  We can tackle any pet stain and odor.  We don’t just clean on the surface but dig deeper to remove all traces of the offending agent.  Our professional techniques and equipment can solve any stain, odor or hair problem.  Contact us today to get your carpet cleaning service started!

Carpet Cleaning Burbank

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